Website Design + Development

We Gather Information About Your Vision.

Through our initial meeting, we gather information like: functionalities, pages needed, color preferences, creative content, etc.

Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, we gather websites and stylings that we see as fitting. We will present these to you for your review and feedback to ensure the correct direction.

After you have approved the direction we move into our next stage which is designing mockups.

Delivery Of Design Mockups

Design mockups are just what they sound like, our initial drafts of the design based on our initial vision meeting.

We present these in image format as they are created in photoshop. This allows us to customize even the slightest details without having to make any kind of coding changes in development. The design process allows for quick turnaround on changes as they are strictly graphics.

Once approved we move onto creating a demo working website!

Create Demo Working Website.

The demo website, is a working website with the designs that we presented to you during the mockup stage.

This website incorporates all the functionalities that were on the requirements list from our initial vision meeting as well as the designs produced during the mockup stage.

This is where everything comes together to give you a live demo of what your website will look and feel like. During this stage we make all final adjustments and edits to get the site in perfect condition to move live.

Move Site Live On Your Domain.

This is the exciting part, the big reveal!

When you feel that your site is finished and ready for public viewing, this is when we move everything live onto your desired hosting server.

Upon migration of your site, we make sure that all links and functionalities carry over properly.